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Reinforced Concrete
Slabs & Rafts

At Extreme Structures we design, cost and supply reinforced concrete structures. We are a leading concrete slab company that combines specialized skills, equipment, and business management to complete projects in a timely and professional fashion. Specializing in reinforced concrete slabs, raft foundations & in-situ retaining walls, we are based in Centurion, servicing all areas inside Gauteng.

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Reinforced Concrete Specialists

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Portfolio Slab Construction

First Floor Decking Slab

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First Floor Decking Slab

Our client required a first-floor concrete decking slab and an in-situ concrete staircase for a newly built double story house. Our consulting engineers were tasked ...
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Portfolio Multi-Storey Reinforced Concrete Slab Construction

Multi-Level Gym Concrete Slab Construction

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Multi-Level Gym Concrete Slab Construction

Our client required a complete concrete slab & column solution for a multi-level building they were busy constructing in Wolwespruit Pretoria. Making use of our ...
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Some FAQ’s

  • What’s the price for concrete slabs in South Africa?
    Standard 170 mm slabs starts at R850.00/m² (ex. vat), 255 mm slabs @ R950.00/m² (ex. vat) and 340 slabs @ R950.00/m² (ex. vat). See “Slab Cost” page, under “Concrete Slabs” for pricing.
  • What’s required to get a concrete slab quote?
    For a slab quotation, we require your building plans and the engineers drawing + notes on the slab and staircase of the house. We can also help with pricing on any reinforced concrete structure.
  • Do you do concrete slabs for a double-storey house?
    Yes, we do. We design, construct and pour in-situ reinforced first-floor concrete slabs for double-storey houses. We also do formwork, staircases, beams, columns and retaining walls.
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Extreme Structures Services

Formwork & Floating

Concrete slab companies Extreme Structure is a resourceful concrete slab company, manufacturing and supplying concrete slabs in the South African construction industry. Our quick turnaround ...

Slab Cost

Concrete Slab & Raft Foundation Pricing The concrete slab price is determined by the tonnage of steel and concrete required to construct the slab or ...

First Floor Slabs

Concrete Slab Contractors Near Me Need a concrete slab contractor near you to design, supply and install a fist floor concrete slab? Extreme Structures can ...

Concrete Slab Construction

At Extreme Structures we design, cost and supply reinforced concrete slabs. Concrete slab construction is a specialized service and it pays to work with seasoned ...

Raft Foundations

Extreme Structures is a civil engineering company specializing in the design & building of concrete raft foundations. As raft contractors, we can help with residential ...

Engineering Services

Top civil & structural consulting engineering company Extreme Structures is a well-established civil & structural consulting engineering company. Our engineering team specialises in Civil Engineering, ...

Concrete Beams

Reinforced concrete beams are placed over an open span to help carry and transfer the loads from slabs, walls and other beams to columns supporting ...

Concrete Columns

Reinforced concrete columns are vertical support members to beams & slabs and help to transfer the load of the entire structure to the foundation. It ...

Concrete Retaining Walls

Cast-In-Place Retaining Wall Extreme Structures’ in-situ retaining walls are built on-site with removable formwork and constructed with reinforced concrete. The retaining walls are designed by ...

Concrete Staircase

We construct modern concrete staircases and specialise in the design & building of Straight staircases, Spiral stairs, Floating stairs, U-shape & L-shape staircases. Our reinforced ...

Concrete Slab Construction

Specialists in reinforced concrete structures. We design and build quality slabs. Get a Quote Now!
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