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What We Did

We handled the design & installation of the first-floor reinforced concrete slab and U-shaped concrete stairs. Design and layout were done by our consulting engineers and our construction team handled the formwork erection and steel placement. Concrete ordering and placement were also handled by our experienced team making this a true turn-key concrete slab solution.
  • Client:Private - Residential
  • Location:Boschdal - Pretoria
  • Requirement:First-Floor Slab & In-Situ Staircase

First Floor Decking Slab

Our client required a first-floor concrete decking slab and an in-situ concrete staircase for a newly built double story house. Our consulting engineers were tasked with the design of a reinforced first-floor slab and U-shaped concrete staircase. Our construction team installed the reinforced steel after erecting the required formwork for the slab structure. Required services were installed and the concrete was poured after the structure was inspected by our engineer.

Project Requirements

  • Engineering services slab design
  • Steel reinforcement placement
  • Concrete placement
  • Formwork construction
  • Slab structure certification
  • Complete first-floor decking solution

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